The Villages Parkinson’s Annual Cruise


Booking Now!

Pricing for all cabins after June 30, 2024, are at prevailing rates. Call Maria for a quote.

If we book more than 16 cabins, we get a free one. It is normally used by the cruise organizer. We have not done that in the past and do not plan on doing so in 2025. Our cruise organizers pay just like everyone else. If our group books enough cabins so that we get a free one, Maria will find a way to distribute that value to everyone via an onboard-ship credit.

Spread the word. Let’s have another great cruise. This one in has a great itinerary as most of the stops are in US territories and there is a lot to do on-land.

Why this ship, port, and itinerary? It is the only one we could find that has enough handicap cabins still available to meet our needs and is in the first half of 2025.




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