Parkinson’s Disease Resources in or nearby The Villages, Florida 

People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who live in or nearby The Villages, Florida, are fortunate because they have many resources available to them that can help them live a good life regardless of their diagnosis.

The listings below were provided by members of The Villages, and nearby communities.

A resource is one that at least one member of the PD community has benefitted from. Being listed does not imply an endorsement by this website, its contributors nor by members of The Villages or nearby communities.

There are surely many additional PD resources that are not listed. If you know of one, contact us with details so that your resources might be considered for addition.

A list of movement disorder neurologists, including the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases, is on the Medical page. Look at the Exercise page for additional PD resources.

Adult Day Care

 Melissa’s Place
(352) 399-6862

Day Break Club
(203) 376-2820


Your Key to Senior Living
(352) 446-5749

Tri-County Caregiver Resource Center

(352) 775-2952

Community Resource Center-The Villages (send a message)
(352) 753-6767
Terri Snow, Community Resource Coordinator

County Services-Lift Assist

Lift Assist is a service provided by the three counties that encompass The Villages and nearby areas. Call them when your loved one is uninjured, but unable to get up on their own. As a care partner, it is imperative that you do not risk injury by attempting to do a lift that is beyond your ability. If there is an injury, call 911.
* Sumter County Lift Assist    (352)-793-2621
* Marion County Lift Assist    (352)-732-9111
* Lake County Lift Assist         (352)-343-2101

Exercise-Personal Trainer
Aqua Kinetics
(917) 543-7253 (send a message)

Home Care

(352) 504-3400

 My Brother’s Keeper
(352) 492-1255

The Shepherd’s House Caregiver Services
(352) 430-4038

Visiting Angels
(352) 643- 0702

Home Health Care

Centerwell Home Health
(352) 787-2780

Enhabit Home Health & Hospice (Rehab & Hospice care)
(352) 368-1672 (Ocala)

Safer at Home
Heidi (352) 633-4270

Home Health Equipment

There are many businesses nearby that sell home health equipment. If a purchase is to be paid for, or reimbursed by Medicare, or other insurance provider, verify in advance that your insurance will be accepted by the business.

Florida Home Health Equipment and Supplies
Medicare approved supplier.
Tel: (407)-843-2777    Fax: (407)-843-5545

My Mobility Medical (check with them about your insurance coverage)


VITAS Healthcare
(352) 800-5170

Cornerstone Hospice
(866) 742-6655

Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

 Numerous independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities are located nearby. Choosing the right one for someone with PD is complicated. Location, cost, insurance coverage, PD progression, services, plus more, need to be considered. Choice is a very personal decision. One can do their own research, seek the advice of others, or work with an advocate. Several advocates are listed on this page.


LSVT programs are evidence-based speech, physical or occupational therapies. LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Treatment. There are two distinct LSVT therapy programs: LSVT LOUD speech therapy improves communication in daily living; and LSVT BIG physical or occupational therapy improves mobility and movement used in everyday function. Both programs are available in or near The Villages, Florida.

LSVT- Loud Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s patients:

  • Advent Health- Lisa Walter at (352) 753-1175
  • Lake Centre for Rehab- Jennifer Gelb at (352) 325-9846

LVST- BIG Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s patients

  • Advent Health- Leslie Priest at (352)-753-1175
  • Lake Centre for Rehab (352) 325-9846

Medical Supplies and Suppliers
Grabbars and More
(352) 630-9256  (send a message)

Simply Grab Bars
(813) 819-0847  Tim Conlon

American Legion Post 347
(352) 750 2099      Loans mobility equipment

Mental Health Clinical Services

TLC Services (Transition Life Consultants)
(352) 299-4017
For information: (send a message)

For One-on-One Counseling with TLC Services-Pat Hayes, Director
(352) 322-0576 (send a message)

Ophthalmologists (Parkinson’s)

 Dr. Bryce E. Buchowicz, M.D., Neuro Ophthalmologist
(352) 265-2020

Dr. Sonya Braudway, M.D., O.D.
(813) 788-8388

Dr. Kyra Dorvall, O.D. (prisms and low-vision aids))
(352) 622 5183

Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline

1-(800) 473-4636

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Lake Centre for Rehab
(352) 706-1122

Active Rehab-Lady Lake
(352) 430-0473

Cora Physical Therapy
3 locations in The Villages
(352) 414-0525  (Lake Sumter)

Innovative Therapies Group Inc.
(352) 433-0091 Option 3 for Summerfield location

Physicians and Medical Professionals

Visit the Medical page for a listing of nearby movement disorder neurologists.

For other medical professionals, the Internet is a good source of information. For example, do a search for medical professionals near me. Participate in PD Support Groups. Ask attendees who they go to.

Rehabilitation Hospitals

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Ocala
(352) 282-4001

The Villages Hospital
(352) 751-8595
Rehabilitation services – UF Health The Villages® Hospital – UF Health

PAM Rehabilitation Hospital of Taveras, Florida
(352) 525-3001

Rock Steady Boxing

 Cora Physical Therapy
(352) 693-3378

Social Media

Nextdoor is a social network that allows its users to have conversations about the best local businesses nearby and provides the option to its users to post reviews and recommendations as well. It is a good source of information about resources in The Villages and nearby communities. If you need a recommendation for a PD service not listed on this website, check Nextdoor listings, or post a request for information. You are likely to get a quick response from those that live nearby.

Talk of The Villages,, is a guide to The Villages Florida including real estate, relocation guides, golf courses, town squares and other information about life in The Villages Florida. If you need a recommendation for a PD service not listed on this website, check Talk of the Villages listings or post a request for information. You are likely to get a quick response from those that live nearby.

Speech Therapy


Capri Transportation will provide personal transportation to and from The Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Disease in Gainesville, FL. They offer other destinations as well. (352) 268-2609.


Eagle Community Transport, LLC (offers transportation services in Marion County for those that need to get to medical appointments)
(352) 559-2410


Dr. John Lynam
Advanced Urology Institute
(352) 787-4567

Wound Care Specialist

Dr. Dorsey
Curelogics Wound Care & Hyperbaric
(352) 775-2055


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